Call for Abstracts

Guidelines on Abstract Submission

Abstracts are invited for individual paper presentations and workshops. The abstract (not more than 250 words) must be in English and should consist of a few short paragraphs giving an overview of the presentation or workshop. Please include rationale, relevance to theme and strand, simple background, the approach, the results, the implications and possible future direction.

The closing date for submission of abstracts is 21 July 2017 (Friday).

Paper presentations (45 min)

Paper presentations may be presented by one or more authors. Approximately 45 minutes will be allocated per presentation.

Your presentation may be planned according to the following sequence: 30 min presentation, 10 min for Q & A, 5 min for movement of participants/ setting up of next presentation.

Workshops (90 min)

Workshops provide the opportunity for presenters to have an in-depth discussion and interaction with participants on a specific topic area.

Usually, the workshops would include experiments or hands-on activities to provide an experiential learning experience as part of the presentation.