Pre-Conference Programme (20 Nov 17)

Main Entrance Pre-Conference Registration 0830 – 0900
  Pre-Conference Workshops (By Invitation Only) 0900 – 1200
Tea reception at the Marquee 1015 – 1045
Lunch at the Marquee 1200 – 1300
Eco Lab (in Ecogarden) PC1 [Physics] Making Practical Work More Effective | Robin MILLAR
Watson Lab (Level 1) PC2 [Biology] Integrating Values Clarification with Bioethical Decision Making to Invigorate Biology Instruction | William F. McCOMAS,
Crick Lab (Level 1) PC3 [Chemistry] Teaching Chemical Bonding: Some Novel Approaches | Vanessa KIND
Franklin Lab (in Ecogarden) PC4 [Nutrition & Food Science] Denaturation of Protein in Foods | LEONG Lai Peng
Main Entrance Learning Journey (Only for Conference participants) To participate, please sign up at Registration page Meeting time: 1245
Light refreshments provided
LJ1 Energy Research Institute at NTU


1400 - 1700

LJ2 Sky Green
LJ3 Center Pottery

*tentative by Nutrition and Food Science presenter.